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Licensed Retailer Program


A number of marine aquarium retailers around the globe have been purchasing MAC Certified Organisms from certified industry operators for years but have been unable to sell them as such, due to the various complexities and costs of becoming a certified retailer. The Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) is pleased to announce the launch of a new interim licensed retailer program designed to allow retailers who satisfactorily complete the MAC self-assessment questionnaire and agree to the terms of the licensing agreement to sell MAC Certified Organisms and to advertise product as such.

Legislative authorities worldwide are moving to further regulate the trade of marine aquarium organisms, making it more important than ever to demonstrate self-sustainability of the trade in terms of conservation, sustainable use, and biological diversity. This program will help reduce leakage of certified product through the chain of custody and allow a greater number of hobbyists to purchase sustainably harvested and handled organisms. The program will also act as a preliminary step to retailer certification as it incorporates basic requirements of MAC’s Handling, Husbandry, and Transport (HHT) Standard, but does not require third party certification.

Retailers wishing to participate in this program can fill out an Application Form and review the Certified Label Regulations and Guidelines. Annual fees are charged based on the number of stores in operation at the time the application is signed. Program costs for 2009-2010 are as follows:

# First Store Additional Stores
1 US$250 / €225 n/a
<3 US$200 / €175 US$50 / €40
4-10 US$150 / €125 US$40 / €30
>10 US$100 / €75 US$30 / €25

Once approved, retailers will be granted a license to sell MAC certified product and use the MAC label in accordance with the rules and regulations of the program. Licensed retailers will get the added benefit of being listed on the MAC website as sellers of certified marine organisms. We encourage retailers to participate in this new program so as to help open up the sale of certified product to those who desire them, resulting in an increased awareness of MAC products, programs, and services.

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